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house, they are already doing things with technology innovation. he is coming here to us -- to spotlight the kinds of things he is talking about how colleges can lower the cost and still maintain a good education. he will start here and then go to a high school in syracuse. as you mentioned, this is all part of a larger strategy based on what he calls the middle class programs. over the past several weeks he has given several speeches on different aspects of the programs. he talked about housing and of other city. he says education is the key to middle-class. are college graduate, a better class of entering the economy and making more of an income. even on top of that, he was on vacation last week, now getting back to the real grind. we're heading into september where we will look at budgets. the fiscal year ends september 30 and the temporary spending bill ends on september 30. if the president and congress cannot agree on a new spending plan, the government will shut down. i think you are also hearing him make his pitch for how we should handle the budget going forward. for the proposa
learned the nsa does not have the technological capabilities to adequately protect against american communications and a miss to communications from being collected. once this data is collected, it goes to a massive database and analysts can search these databases and touch american communications that goes against a court order. they basically said, what you're doing is unconstitutional. you have to put in new parameters to limit the search to protect americans. we don't know if it worked. we had it last week by the washington post that said thousands of abuses are still existing at the nsa. >> a shocking revelation as well. that core is supposed to provide adequate oversight and critics have called it it a rubberstamp court. does this back up either one of those claims? >> you mentioned the former judge that a sickly said, this is the third revelation where the nsa has misrepresented what it is doing with their authority here. judge bates notes that we can't know for certain how many people have been touched by this. that is the 56,000 number we have been talking about. this goes
storm. he preserved the technology to get started up all over again. when we took down sadaam, we shut down the iraqi nuclear threat. when we shut down the iraqi nuclear threat, muammar gaddafi surrender all of his stuff. he had centrifuges, he had a weapons design, a chinese nuclear weapons design, all that stuff now resides in the united states. gaddafi did not want to have happen to him what happened to saddam hussein. when we went after gaddafi, we went after khan. he went into the black market operation himself and was selling nuclear weapons technology to the libyans. they were his best customer. to the iraqis, north koreans, and we shut down khan's black market operation. we took out three major sources of proliferation. that in and of itself is reason enough for what we did to saddam hussein in iraq. the threat has not gone away. you may remember it was discovered in the spring of 2007 that a few months after north korea set off their first nuclear test that the north koreans had built a nuclear reactor a couple of producing plutonium in the eastern syrian desert. syria's a mes
dugan, technologist at the open technology institute in d.c. and i started by asking bryan about the government's claim that it is not fully aware of the extent of edward snowden's leaks. >> it is incredibly disturbing that they do not know what was taken, no audit trail was created. that is the type of abrogation of trust that the united states government needs to restore and that is why the president of the united states needs to instate an independent, external council of experts to review the nsa spying. on all these systems that edward snowden was using, they, by default, should be creating audit trails of every single action of every single administrator on the machine. edward snowden was not the top- level administrator of this machine. he happened to have access across domains at a top-secret security level. there is no excuse for any administrator to not keep logs of that type of information, and it is entirely disturbing and untrustworthy of the nsa to not keep track of that type of intermission -- information. >> or they are being less than truthful as we have seen or
drone technology in order to increase the country cost defend -- the country's defense against militants. weeks after american drone strikes hit the country nine times in a two-week period. the u.s. and other western countries closed a number of embassies as a result of and i qaeda threat -- as a result of an al qaeda threat. according to the associated press, the president said the u.s. jones had been carrying out attacks in yemen in accordance with an agreement to combat terrorism. it was signed by the u.s. and former yemeni president after the september 11 attacks. the u.s. acknowledges it has a drone program which is conducted from within the country. it does not disclose information about individual strikes. whethenow to an ongoing issue oe nsa. it has been the subject of controversy since the lakes of edward snowden which demonstrated the agency was spying on american citizens and breaking court order drills to do so. in a new interview, president obama said this over -- about the oversight of the nsa. >> what was learned was nsa had in it ridley, -- inadvertently pulled the files
language -- technological practice artechnoe time you get to the third year of the building of that, it is obsolete, and if i am attacking u.s., do i attack the port or an allie or the nazdaq? >> you think there was some what of a concerted effort of a variety of folks with bad intentions. >> oh, yeah, are you kidding me, i've talked to people in the administration where they said, what do you think your biggest threat is. if i want to destabilize the economy of the u.s., i set up a fund, and go i through a couple years of trading alga rythm, i have a fat finger knowing it will trigg downstream 20 bad events we saw a na nazdaq freez, and we've seen a flash crash. are not that big into the market. >> no. i sat in a group this week with entrepreneurs and small business people, i said which do you think is more stable, gives you a better with more tra transpar, vegas in the casino or stock market. it was 100%. vegas and t casino. peop do not trust the second stock ansecondstock any more --e any more, they don't trust it. there is no system that cannot be hacked. right now or stock mark
learned that our adversaries were moving to nonmetallic devices. we adapted our screening technology and tactics to counter that. learned that a single vulnerability in any part of the aviation system can make everyone connected to it vulnerable. since we don't control security at foreign airports, we have to work even more closely with international partners to raise the overall security of the system. we did that. shortly after the christmas day plot, i launched a worldwide initiative to make these needed changes in close collaboration with our strongest allies. i am proud to say that i october of 2010, this effort led to 190 countries signing onto an historic agreement to improve aviation security, standards, and technology and information sharing. i have had the chance to visit many of those countries over the past 4.5 years. continentscross six -- however, our work did not end there. following the 20 10 air cargo threat which involved bombs hidden inside printer cartridges departing on international planes to the united states, we launched a second initiative to work with intern
in the history of autism's past they have generally seen more autism in technology centers. >> reporter: there may be genetic factors at work but there are also teachers at work to help. the study in the journal of the american medical association also says there is an increased risk for half siblings but only when they share a mother. >>> a small study of athletes who suffered repeat concussions identifies the early signs of brain disease. researchers studied 36 male athletes diagnosed with a brain disease linked to repetitive blows to the head. they interviewed family members and found out they had mood and behave issues as the first signs of the disease. some of them had explosive outbursts and physical violation. >>> pg&e incomplete recordkeeping may not have been fixed. that's a concern of two law judges who might fine the utility next month. the san francisco chronicle says they expressed concern when pg&e using faulty recordkeeping. >>> in a maryland courtroom today supporters gasped when the judge announced bradley manning's 35-year sentence for espionage. he gave hundreds of th
. but i know this, it is weird, and unsettling. what you can't trade some of the biggest technology stocks on the planet, they are just sitting there, prices frozen in time, forget they are sitting ducks, if this keeps happening in our high-tech super fast trading word just duck. still so much we don't know, customers don't know if their orders got through and people in charge of the orders unable to tell us if they did. focus not on lawsuit that i am sure are coming but a very disturbing pattern hd to deny, this last week, washington post web site hacked, "new york times" news and web site down for hours, time sites, cnn cite, amazon.com site, each hit all down, and we're supposed to be relieved when they get back up? i don't know if they are connected. but i can connection dots, our mightist media, and financial sites where we shop, read, and trade, stop on a dime, costing them a lot of dimes, millions in potential revenue prose en -- frozen revenue because someone or something got in and messed it up. it slows trading on scores of other exchanges in chicago. in new york, and countless o
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found a rise in cases of autism in centers of technology like the bay area. this shows the likelihood of a sibling of an autistic child also having autism. instructors work with students providing programs with individuals with autism helping the kids and their family. they are also reacting to a recent study from denmark that children who have an older sibling with autism are seven times more likely to be diagnosed with autism themselves. >> there is a growing concern for parents who have a child with an autism disability about the potential of having another child. >> reporter: we sat down with director who said studies like this one provide an opportunity to offer services to the younger sibling earlier. >> you can get support in to provide for the child and the parent at home with the necessarily supports it is ten times or 20 times greater chance of success for that child. >> reporter: in parts of the bay area the rate of autism is as high as one in 55 kids compared with the national average of one in 88 making this study one parent and these instructors will be will be watching
technology that would produce the steel for less than half the price. these big ingots take specialties that can be used in high-tech industries. they got the money together, they converted, and they are the fifth largest steel company in employees.0 the average pay was $85,000 a year. it never made it to television. i believe we lost the election in that moment. there were other, institutional reasons why we did not do it. we have to understand those and make sure it does not happen again. the romney campaign was out of money because they spent it all in the primary. they had a lot of money earmarked for the general election and they could not spend it until after the republican convention. all of the money could not be spent except for a portion of it on political communication. they've ran negative issue ads against obama tom a -- against obama, but they never felt able to answer the bain capital for fear of the tax exempt status. i kept telling them the irs would cut you slack.but those accountants did not believe me. let's make sure we don't make the same mistake again because we c
within the u.s. and also filters domestic phone calls made with internet technology, but that's not all. according to newly declassified documents, the nsa was rebuked in 2011 by a secret court for collecting thousands of e-mails from americans. the agency admits those e-mails had absolutely no connection whatsoever to terrorism. here's why the story is so critically important. number one, nsa officials admitted to the journal that the systems' reach is so broad domestic communications are more likely to be intercepted than foreign ones. number two, this proves that the government's ability to spy on you and your neighbors is greater than we've all been led to believe. and number three, chalk this up as yet another piece of evidence that the self-proclaimed most transparent administration in history is anything but. joining me now with reaction to all of this is former bush senior advisor and fox news contributor karl rove. so, karl, welcome. i have to say, looking at the history of the american people's reaction to these revelations since edward snowden made them, i think most american
surfacey. technology made the game a whole lot faster and awesomer. it's kind olike how esurance used technology to build a car insurance company for the modern world. advantage, you. let's give it up for the modern world. [ crowd cheering ] [ male announcer ] or...that works. esurance. proud sponsor of the u.s. open. check out esurance on facebook. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. this labor day, don't invest in a mattress until you visit a sleep number store. once you experience it, there's no going back. oh, yeah! at our biggest sale of the year, every bed is on sale. queen mattresses now start at just $599. and through labor day only, save 50% on our limited edition memory foam mattress sets. only at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. >>> another shocking killing has been making headlines. vigils were held this weekend in spokane, washington in honor of delbe delbert, "shorty" belton. police chief spoke today. >> i would like to make it very clear the motive for this attack was robbery. race was not a factor. additionally, there
, courts more surfacey. technology made the game a whole lot faster and awesomer. it's kind olike how esurance used technology to build a car insurance company for the modern world. advantage, you. let's give it up for the modern world. [ crowd cheering ] [ male announcer ] or...that works. esurance. proud sponsor of the u.s. open. check out esurance on facebook. >>> another shocking killing has been making headlines. vigils were held this weekend in spokane, washington in honor of delbe delbert, "shorty" belton. police chief spoke today. >> i would like to make it very clear the motive for this attack was robbery. race was not a factor. additionally, there was no gang activity that was associated with this incident. >> he went onto talk about the real issue that he hoped people would focus on. >> we have a troubled group of young people not just in spokane but throughout the country that need the assistance and guidance of the community. >> is it possible to help a kid who seems to have no problem beating an 85-year-old man to death? here now are are two men with experience dealing w
life and the transplant surgerying with the whole body of technology and development of medicine, cleats cholesterol, we tell that story through my case and laid against the background of my time in public service. and i was uniquely blessed in many respects, obviously, you can never express enough gratitude for a donor or the donor's family. you cannot talk about what i went through and i survived it what without talking about liz, her sister, and my wife. we celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary next week. [applause] i -- when you go through everything we went through as a family, and the only way to go through it is as a family, if at all possible. i wake up every morning with a smile on my face thankful for a new day i never expected to see. and basically what the book is about, it's simon and shuster love it. it's called heart, american medical odyssey. i think it's a pretty good book. it's not political. it has nothing to do with politics. i suppose you could say that all of pry my critics say i never had a heart. [laughter] may want to have that problem -- this challenge
, but she was specifically interested in the latest scientific technologies of the day. >> after james garfield's death, citizens raised hundreds of thousands of dollars that were turned over to lucretia garfield. in today's dollars, it would equate to somewhere around $8 million. >> her character was extremely strong. she had a rectitude that was invulnerable. host: lucretia garfield was born in ohio in 1832. her life spans antebellum america to the progressive era of the early 20th century. a supporter of women's rights and deeply interested in partisan politics, she and president james garfield entered the white house on march 4, 1881 after a very close election. however, what plans she had as first lady were soon cut short by an assassin's bullet. good evening, and welcome to "first ladies: influence and image." after the assassination, the next person to come into the white house, chester arthur, did not have a first lady. to help us understand, we have carl anthony. he is the author of "america's first families." the circumstances of james garfield's election helped to seal the p
on americans. this is a technological problem. >> it's a big problem. you can't break the constitution. that's what they're doing. so the nsa is out there saying we didn't do anything wrong. you can trust us. look at recently how many claims we have heard that as it turns out are absolutely false. for instance, officials claim no data was being collected on americans. that absolutely false. officials claimed the spying was limited simply to people overseas. remember the "f" if fisa, foreign, that's false. the president has said the more americans learn about it, the more comfortable they will be. that's false as well. can you really trust the government to tell us what's going on? so far, according to the judge and the court, no. >> two things i'd like to point out. i talked to somebody who is involved with the nsa and yesterday because i wanted to get some clarification on this. and who hasn't been involved since 2008 but was involved in the summer in july when george bush was president, when the fisa amendment was passed to enhance the collection ability of the nsa and the senate approved
and how we can use technology to provide benefits to employers. jon: i have a daughter going place to place with a paper resume, essentially. what did you come up? >> we have a mobile exchange. by 2015, more people will use it on the mobile phones than computers. applying for service support work, need a very easy way to show themselves. someone comes into the store, the manager can point them to the kiosk and the candidate can actually hear an angry customer. how would you respond to the customer? and then they say how they would handle the person come in the store jon: it's geared toward clerks and restaurant workers. >> most of the jobs are in restaurant and retail industries. i believe there needs to be an easier way so this solution provides a much better information to the company and a much, much more pleasant experience for the candidates that are so often candidates. jon: how has it been received? >> we launched this product literally three months ago and it's been unbelievable. we're working from the smallest stores up to the big ones who roll across 44 stores, recently i
interview. >> and a bay area youth group focuses in on science, engineering and technology. why they are getting a lesson in law, as well. >> reporter: the rim fire near yosemite is no match for firefighters on the ground. it's burning faster than firefighters can put it out. we'll have the unique look at the fight from the skies. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald >>> if you come here to try to steal a phone, you're going to get caught. >> the unique sting a bar manager set up to bust thieves in the act. >> and emergency dispatchers in santa clara county are threatening to go on strike. why they feel they are undervalued. >> and a multicar accident in the macarthur maze is causing this gridlock right now on 24. we've traffic tip coming up. >> starting out with plenty of clouds, lots latest lots of sunshine this afternoon. cate caugiran has more on the lightning strikes. >> reporter: you have probably seen the images of flame retardant being dropped from swooping planes. we have seen dramatic video coming out of "rim" fire flames 600 feet
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that process is underway and has been underway and will continue moving forward. you said russia technologies that chemical weapons were used. a spokesman for cameron said -- and putin said they did not have evidence that chemical weapons use had been taking place. you to the past indications that the use of chemical weapons on august 21 was acknowledged broadly by nations around the world, including russia and iran. i do not see that statement. but it comes to this particular matter and that conflict in as muche have not seen cooperation from russia as we and many nations would like, but on the statement i do not have response because i have not seen it. >> at the moment [indiscernible] i do not have a schedule for you. obviously, the g-20 is being used in sync peter sure, russia host nation. as you know, we decided against a bilateral summit in moscow with president putin. >> would it be bilateral? >> i do not have a schedule of what our meetings look like. we are going to st. petersburg for the g-20. >> thank you. do you know if in his include thes americans who are believed to be held by
reporters there was a, quote, technological problem that could not be avoided rather than an overreach. meantime, they are denying that the nsa sits through and has access to 75% of online communications in the u.s. the white house is under pressure from the republican and democratic lawmakers over the sweeping nature of the data collection. two weeks ago, problem insisted the government is not violating your privacy. >> america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. they are focused on finding the information necessary to protect our people. >> reporter: the nsa is supposed to target foreign communication that is have to do with terror investigations. chris lawrence, cnn, washington. >> lawyers for david miranda will bring their case to the high court today. he is at the center of the nsa leak scandal. copying information from his electronic devices. his phone, laptop and other devices were seized when he was detained at heathrow airport. >>> a flight attendant will plead guilty against making a bomb threat against one of his own flights. he used a pay phone to call in threat
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of sophisticated technology and they were informing the court now speaks a lot to their transparency. >> they are doing what people ask them to do. >> and what they should be doing. >> i hate the government. everybody knows i hate the government. i have to defend the nsa on this one. and andy, i know you are going to bash the nsa as usual. >> remi, remi, remi, remi. greg? by all means let's pat them on the back foregoing to the court that oversea itself and says we just realize we were violating the constitution for three yearsment sorry. really? you get credit for that? >> it was accidental. >> i don't think you can call it a violation of the constitution. >> the judge said it was a violation of the constitution. >> they did not realize what they were doing. >> the judge said it was a violation of the constitution. >> the judge said contrary to the government's repeated assurances nsa was routinely running query of the meta data using terms that did not meet the standards for querieses. the nsa was telling the court one thing and doing another thing. i'm sorry. this does not restore
that dominate nasdaq are big technology names and names you have written extensively about and the microsofts and the googles and on and on. they were kind of frozen in time as trading was all but halted. i am wondering whether it affects them, as well. interest in those stocks if there is a sense that, you know, you can't always trade them cleanly, whatever. >> i think this points up the pros and the cons of technology. technology has really lowered the barriers for all sorts of investors to be able to trade. but it doesn't, when it goes down, it really goes down. you know the pits are not going to go down like that. i think charlie is absolutely right. the sec has totally failed here. the nasdaq needs to have a fail-safe system. they, obviously, don't. they shouldn't be allowed to operate until they do. >> you know, ben stein, i do remember the days when you look at the floor of the new york stock exchange crowded with people and now tumble weeds. nicole and like a couple of guys. i'm just wondering, what has happened and is that the problem. have we taken the human out of it and made it so
. >> i find that fascinating, you know? >> well, i realize the technology was either going to be our friend or enemy. >> i realized that three, four years ago, and i decided to make it our friend. he called me back, it was john mcgillicutti. he said, you have the authority to give me a temporary branch. go out and buy a card table and four chairs. when the people were stepping up and taking their money out -- >> isn't that wild? >> we had two people from that manufacturer's hanover -- >> you calmed people down, mickie. >> why not, i've been first many times, but this is a big one. >> it seems silly now, there was a time when mickie was first hunting for a job on wall street, she had the resume distributed under m.f. seibert. i got the interview, but when they saw me show up in their office, boy. she won. mickie, seibert, dead at age 84. >>> hello, everyone, bob, i'm greg, along with kimberly, bob, eric and katie. it's 5:00 in new york city, but who's counting. >>> in the a.p.'s article called ten things you need to know today, they got most of the topics right. syria, ft. hood, and a
there it is a matter of sitting around and waiting for the technology to advance a little bit longerment april, is this a good idea or a bad idea? >> it makes me really nervous. why john lennon? let's give michael jackson another try, right? see what he can do with that again? he can watch himself and develop -- >> there is a smaller portion of the population that would not be for that. >> you know with michael jackson you can clone him and then give him some parents and a real childhood. >> that's what he never had! you guys, that's why he behaved that way. >> a sweet man. >> andy, we forgot to get to you. you have an opportunity to comment on the earlier story, matt damon and then this story. >> first of all i think we should -- no offense to john john lennon who was a fabulous artist, but i would rank a few people higher and not michael jackson, but einstein, galileo, kate upton. >> kate upton is still alive. >> i am not aware of any problem that would arise from having more than one kate upton. >> somebody likes girls. >> the auction house says the tooth was too fragile to do a dna test on
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integrates patient care so holistically. places such advanced technology in the hands of practitioners. has the privilege of caring exclusively for our nation's veterans. there's no other system like the veterans health administration. ♪ bring your medical and healthcare skills to va. visit vacareers.va.gov. ground yesterday on a new s near the shark's tank in san jose. the store will feature chain's first >>> for whole foods, business is booming. the grocery chain broke ground yesterday on a new store near the shark tank in san jose. the store will feature the chain's first microbrewery and rooftop beer gardens. some question whether it's too high-end for the neighborhood. >> i'm glad that it's in the downtown vicinity from walking distance from other downtown neighborhoods. but i think our more lower income neighborhoods, people won't be able to afford the high-priced grocery store. >> whole foods says it will offer a wide range of prices and will hire 100 workers when it opens next summer. >>> every year retailers try to outdo each other by being the first to put up christmas decoratio
thermacare® cold wraps. targettemp technology delivers a consistent, therapeutic cold to stop pain and start healing. new thermacare® cold wraps. a better way to treat pain. [ speaking foreign language ] >>> what you just saw was video of a transgender woman in russia being beaten, harassed and humiliated. yet another disturbing snapshot of lgbt life in that country, the community faces several harsh and expansively written anti-gay laws including one that bans so-called gay propaganda. with the winter olympics in sochi, russia, months away, pressure from the global community is building by the day. today, russia responded to an international olympic committee request for clarification on how the law would affect athletes and visitors. russia's deputy prime minister says the country will comply with the olympic charter's anti-discrimination provision because, and get this, its laws do not violate it. dmitry kozak writing "the russian federation guarantees fulfillment of obligations before the international olympic committee in its entirety." defended the ban on so-called propaganda, a law b
have more monitoring centers, more of tomorrow's technology right here today, and more value. 24/7 monitoring against burglary, fire, and high levels of carbon monoxide starting at just over $1 a day. and now get adt installed for just $99. isn't your family worth america's number-one secuty company? current adt customers call for special upgrade saveings. after buying two of everything, it was nice to only need one security system -- adt. [ male announcer ] get adt installed for just $99. and ask about adt pulse, advanced home management here today. adt. always there. >> i'm bill o'reilly. in a what the heck just happened segment tonight, some conservatives very angry that actress jane fonda is portraying nancy reagan in the movie "the butler." >> you're very par around here. everyone says you're the man that got the promotion. >> i wish i could take credit for that. >> i'd like to invite to you the state dinner next week. >> i'll be there, mrs. reagan. >> no. not as a butler, cecil. i'm inviting you as a guest. >> the president prefers me to serve him personally. >> don't you w
only be destroyed with very, very sensitive technology that incinerates them or chemically neutralizes them. you can't drop a bomb on a bunker and expect it to neutralize the capabilities. bomb the bunker and throw them all over the desert and perhaps throw these containers of some nerve gas or some sort of agent that could be picked up by somebody and used in a terrorist attack. highly unlikely we will go after the sites themselves that contain the weapons, but we'll probably attack things that allow them to ploy -- employ these kinds of weapons. things like airfields, like command and control facilities, military headquarters. perhaps airplanes, airfields, those things that would allow the syrian military to employee gas against its citizens. >> from what you've heard, does this seem like a symbolic attack, or could it actually do some good? >> i think we need to temper our expectations. this is a very limited attack, what's being discussed is a very limited military attack. i think that the best we could hope for is to deter mr. assad from using the chemical weapons against his peop
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